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Monday, December 13, 2010

I Get It Now

Thursday was the last day of class for this semester! Woo-hoo! As much as I enjoy school, I am ready for some me time and family time. I had a little freak out session Wednesday when I got one of my microbiology tests back because it brought my grade in that class down to a B, but I had to give myself a little pep talk. I'm good now and my grade actually went back up to an A when my lab instructor sent my grade, but I guess I learned my lesson about procrastinating when I need to do homework (this is the test I kept putting off) and trusting my gut when an answer doesn't sound correct. There was a problem that I was having a hard time understanding when they explained it in the book, but if I hadn't waited until the last minute I would have had time to think over the case study more and I probably would have tweeked the answer a little bit and I wouldn't have gotten half of the points taken off. At one point in my life I would have been more than OK getting a B, or just a passing grade in a class but my ambitions in life require so much more of me and I require so much more of myself now because I know what I am capable of and what I want that I just don't find "passing the class" to be enough for me.

I was talking to a lady this past weekend and she was saying that she has a daughter who is 23 years old and she was almost done becoming an RN and she ended up failing out of the program and over the summer got arrested for a DUI. She said she was so frustrated with her daughter because she just couldn't understand why her daughter would do that to herself. I just listened for a while and I really wasn't going to say anything, but I just couldn't help it. I told her my story. I told her that I had gone to college for 4 years and played basketball and didn't get my degree. I told her that I made the decision to get married at 22 despite the fact that no one in my life thought that it was a good idea. I told her that my ongoing motto was "I know what I'm doing" even though I had no idea what I was doing or really even why I was doing it. I told her that, at 32, I have finally figured out what path I am supposed to be on and I am determined to reach the end of it, no matter what, but in my 20s I would never have been able to get to that point because it wasn't in my heart to do and I didn't have the necessary tools to get there. It took me all of my 20s to understand and acquire the skills and mindset I need to be able to help people in the way that God has asked of me. I also told her that even though it kills her to see her daughter just not understand and get what it is she is trying to tell her, its just part of being young and wanting to be independent. No matter how many times you tell your child (of any age) not to do something, they don't learn until they do it for themselves and they don't like the outcome, whether it be a 3 year old who thinks hitting you with his head is funny until his head comes into contact with your knee (mine really did that LOL!) or a 22 year old getting married because the guy says all the right things and is doing all the wrong things but somehow it just sounds so good, until the guy becomes allergic to work and can't stop spending money and ends up in prison. At this age I can see both sides now. I finally get it.

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