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Thursday, February 2, 2012

We're Getting There God

So January has really thrown me into utter madness. Not necessarily in a bad way, but life feels hectic all the time. As much as I studied the last 2 years, I have to study more this semester than I ever have in order to maintain the grades I need. I spend several hours during the week studying at school and at home and then most of my weekends are spend studying, doing homework and preparing for class. Organic chemistry at once worried me the most, but I have found that my instructors were correct and O Chem is a whole different beast from general chemistry. I actually kind of like it. For me, it makes sense and the purpose of it is very understandable to me. Not so say that it is easy or that I don't have to prepare myself for every class and every lab (pre-labs alone take me at least 3-4 hours every week) but the understanding of it is where I need it to be. Now physics is a whole other thing. I have an instructor that obviously has a tremendous understanding of the subject matter, but she does not break it down in a manner that allows me to begin mastering the information. Along with that she has a fairly thick accent that adds to fact that its just not sinking into my head. I may be able to keep up through out the semester if I read ALL of EVERY chapter and if my favorite school buddy, Rebekah, continues to explain certain parts to me but I am worried because physics is an entire section on the MCAT and if I don't have complete understanding of the subject my score may suffer. I may actually have to venture to the Tempe campus for the second semester of physics to gain the understanding I need to have. Blah.

 Life other than that has is pretty great. My husband, despite losing his job, is really excited about doing what is in his heart to do: basketball. He has 2 kids he is training every week and he started coaching a team of 11-13 year olds and he loves it. His mind is finally getting to where it needed to be for him to do this full time. I'm really proud of him. In my heart I have felt that he really needs to pursue his degree because it will open so many doors for him to coach but he just wasn't ready for it before and I think he finally is able to think that far ahead. Of course, what I want and what he wants may be 2 different things and I tend to think I'm right most of the time (which I usually am :-) but I think that he is finally in a frame of mind to prepare himself for the future he envisions. God keeps showing us where we need to be and what we need to be doing, we're getting there.