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Monday, January 9, 2012

And So Begins Another Semester!

The last month has been a crazy busy one but has been really great. Once finals started I really just dug in and I ended up with 2 A's (BIO 182 and HSC 300 - Complementary Healthcare) and 2 B+'s (CHM 151 and NTR 241). It was a tough semester but it was a really good learning experience. I see now what I have to do to get the grades I need and how I needed to change my mindset a little bit in order to do well. I am really excited about the spring semester. My classes are actually going to be tougher then last semester but I really feel like I'm ready for it and they are classes I am interested in. After finals I really just decided to stay away from the computer and let my mind rest for the 2.5 weeks I had off, if you even want to call them time off. I felt busier in those 2 weeks then I had been most of the semester. We were doing Christmas shopping for the boys and then I felt like I was getting ready for New Years for a week. It was really nice though. I made some pretty spectacular food and I got to spend time with my monkeys and my husband. It was pretty awesome.

So my classes a started last Thursday (1/5) and I feel pretty good after having the 1st of all of my classes. I feel ready for Organic Chemistry with full understanding that it will be A LOT of work. Calculus will not be as horrible as I thought it would be but I have to make sure to stay on top of all my work. My Death and Dying class seems pretty interesting and it seems like it will bring forth a lot of self reflection. My Food in Community class is one of my honors classes and it seems really cool. Every other week we will be going on excursion and this week we are going to Food Truck Friday in downtown Phoenix. Super excited!! Today I had Physics and as terrified as I was of this class, I think I will be alright. She seems to not want to scare anyone and has made it clear that we need to review and work several problems to understand the subject matter. I think I will make it. :-)

On another note, my husband found out today that he was let go from the job he had started in November. My brain wants to go into panic mode, but I have to remind myself that God and I had a discussion and I told Him that I would surrender to what it was He had planned for us. My husband had prayed for something that would allow us to give the boys to have a great holiday season (which they did) and now I think it is time for him to find what his heart leads him to. As difficult as it is, my heart tells me we will be ok and God will, again, provide us with what we need. I just need my brain and my heart to get on the same page.