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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Schizophrenic Life!

Life has felt like utter CRAZINESS!! It's been all good though. So, my husband finally found a job that he likes very much. It is in a pharmaceutical warehouse and they are expanding so although it is a temp to hire position, it is extremely likely they will keep him past the 90 days. The possibility for growth is there too since it is developing and they want to promote from within. It has been such a blessing. He works Wednesday through Saturday, four 10 hour shifts and goes in at 5 and gets off around 3:30. It allows him to still be able to see me and the kids after work, watch our little one 2 days out of the week and provide for us. My dad has been watching the boys on the days that my husband works and he is all too happy to do it because it fills his days. The boys love it too. We both feel like a weight has been lifted. We will be able to go Christmas shopping this weekend and not have to worry about where the next check is going to come from. When you trust in God, He will provide for you in His time, and it may or may not coincide with your time but if you have faith and surrender, He will not leave you without.

School has been hectic. I am finally in the home stretch. I can definitely get 2 A's (biology and complementary healthcare). In nutrition I am right on the cusp between an A and a B. I have to kill the final to get an A. My instructor posted yesterday that if we donated to a food drive they have for HIV/AIDS patients, she would give us 1 point for every item we bring with a maximum of 5 points. I have a whole box of stuff, like 15 things, just in case she feels extra generous and wants to give a little extra. I figured out my grade in the class and if I get a 90% on the final, I will be at an 89%. That's how close I am. In chemistry, I am on the cusp of a B and a C. He breaks down his percentages for grades a little different, but hopefully I can make the cut. I feel like I aced the test today but I still doubt myself a little.

I have 1 paper to write and 3 tests to take and then I'm free! Not really, I have 3 weeks off between the semesters and I really want to get some stuff done around the house and review some stuff for the next semester. I have a couple books that I would like to read too. I also want to run and work out a bit more since I have the time and my intention is to run the half marathon in February. I figure if I pay for it I can't and won't procrastinate, right? Lol! I got it though. I haven't been able to run lately because my allergies have been crazy and I have a gross cough that is exacerbated by cold air and laying down. Isn't that a combination? So running out in the cold is no bueno and it doesn't let me sleep comfortably without getting the NetiPot out every night. So now that I have written down all this "stuff" I want to do during my break, it sounds schizophrenic. And so are the days of my life!