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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I'm Sitting on the Edge of the Vegetarian Pool

So the spring semester ended over a month ago and I am firmly in the first summer session starting physics all over again (Woo-freakin-hoo). I can at least say that I feel like I am learning something in this class and he makes an effort to ensure we are grasping what he is teaching so that in and of itself is a huge improvement compared to my prior physics class. I did end the semester with a 3.53 GPA which I will proudly take because calculus and organic chemistry almost kicked my ass but I escaped both with B's and even managed an A in my physics lab (Go figure???). I have my first test next Monday which should prove to be interesting but knowing that he grades the homework more heavily then the tests makes my life infinitely easier to bear right now. I am also doing research for the physical activity project I am working on and that has been really eye opening. I am really looking forward to the actual task of compiling the curriculum for the program putting it into action.

So aside from school, which I never seem to get away from, I have also been rededicating myself to working out and taking care of my body. I have been able to run consistently for the first time in a while and I am even starting to lift weights (Yuck!) because I know it is what my body needs to stay healthy. I know that losing weight will take some of the burden off of my arthritic knees, will make me look and feel spectacular and will decrease the chances of developing a blood clot. This is important now because I recently found out that I have a mutation that causes a blood clotting disorder. I have only had superficial blood clots but this mutation predisposes me to have a deep vein thrombosis (DVT) which can be life threatening. It is something that is purely genetic and I likely got it from my maternal grandfather who hospitalized for DVTs in his legs. I find it very interesting that I was told that I have a "condition" but nobody, not even my OB/GYN who did the testing, really sat down with me to explain exactly what I have, what it means to my life and what I can do to prevent them. Not to say I haven't looked it up myself, but it will be nice to sit down with the hematologist next week and, hopefully, get a thorough explanation. Other than that, life is great! I feel great and my body feels great.

I recently decided to delve into vegetarianism and I think it might be really good for me at this stage of my life. My aunt got me a juicer and I love it! Now when I mean juice I do not mean fruits only, it is actually more healthful to include vegetables as well. Personally, I can't do straight up vegetables without any sweetness (that's an instant gag reflex) but if you get the right vegetables that have the right sweetness and don't smell funky, you can make some pretty good juice that really fills you up and has made me feel really great. At heart I'm still a steak and potatoes kind of chick, but I have found vegetarian dishes that are really awesome and that I make from scratch. I don't think I could go without dairy or eggs though which makes me a lacto-ovavegetarian, and then I do like fish and seafood sometimes....So I guess I'm not so much a vegetarian as I am limiting the amount of animal protein I eat and moving towards more of a plant based diet. I'm sitting on the edge of the vegetarian pool getting my legs wet but I'm not jumping in all the way. Lol!