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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I'm Baa-aaaack!!!

What an eventful 7 months it has been. My little munchkin made her entrance on the day that my c-section was scheduled June 12, 2014. She wasn't even trying to come early, not even a little. She was 9lbs 10oz of awesomeness though!
She was a few weeks old here

While having her has been amazing and I definitely see how different it is parenting a girl considering I have 2 boys, getting back into the swing of things has been really challenging. I found that I was able to move around with her much sooner than I did with my boys, but I have seriously struggled with getting back to where I want to be mentally and physically. As determined as I was to take the MCAT shortly after having her, it was impossible to find the time, energy and focus to study. I was very against taking the 2015 MCAT but I found that it was the only solution for my current life so I will be taking it in April 2015.

I have genuinely enjoyed spending time with my baby girl and my boys but around October I started to go a little stir crazy. The whole stay-at-home thing is really difficult for my personality because I thrive on having time to myself and having an identity outside of "Mommy." I definitely commend those mommies who are able to do that and enjoy it. I started getting emails about scribe positions that were near me and decided to do a search for open positions. The first search result happened to be for 2 hospitals that are very near my home and were looking for people to work 2 shifts a week. My husband has an extremely flexible schedule that would allow me to work one weekday and one weekend day so I decided to apply. I interviewed and got the position. So far, I have loved it! It allows me to be immersed in the medical field on the days that I work but still allows me to be the primary person at home with my little people. It also allows me to continue moving forward, towards my goal of becoming a doctor and gives me motivation to continue on my journey. I will also be able to get some really kick ass references from physicians, specifically from DOs.

January 5th I will begin studying for the April MCAT. For the next couple of weeks I will organizing my house and figuring out how to organize my life so that I can study effectively for the 3.5 months I have to study. My goal is to get a strong score and not have to retake it. I am feeling a little overwhelmed when I consider the MCAT in it's entirety so I find that I have to think about it in pieces and parts, scheduling EVERYTHING I have to study and keeping track of it all. I know I know it will be challenging but I feel like I have the support and the drive to get it done. I'd be lying if I said I'm not a little terrified though. I am very type A when it comes to my studying so I have created a daily checklist for my study days, a set of calendar sheets for January-April that will allow me to schedule entire months, a detailed list of all of the topics covered in the books and videos I have access to and I'm about to create a binder to organize all of those things together. Once I find all of my colored markers, I have my study calendar set and I organize all of my topics in the way that I like, my anxiety level will go from a 10 to a 7, which I can deal with. Lol!

In the meantime, I will enjoy my little people, especially the itty bitty one who I can finally make laugh and I will enjoy the days my husband has off for the holidays. It's about time to start baking and planning the upcoming holiday meals. Happy Holidays friends!

My 3 monkeys!

My itty bitty person