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Monday, August 20, 2012

I Totally Have a 5 Dimensional Life, 3D Just Isn't Enough

So my classes start in 4 days and I am excited and nervous at the same time. This is going to be a very challenging semester but it's going to bring me another step closer to the next stage of my education. After this semester I will be done with all my prerequisites that will prepare me for the MCAT. This will also be the last semester I have to take 2 sciences with labs at the same time, although I am probably going to take one of those labs in the spring instead. For those of you who understand how tough it is to take 2 sciences together, you know how excited I am to finally not have to do it anymore. Woo-hoo! Along with all of my regular classes, I am also going to be working pretty intensively on the research project I am involved in. It's becoming a lot more real now because we are working on the curriculum and what we are going to present to the parents and kids. It is absolutely a labor of love though and I am really looking forward to it.

My little people are doing really awesome! School has been tough for my little one to adjust to especially since their school day is 8am to 4pm but my big guy has been doing really well and has even been able to adjust with having football as well. I've been so proud of them because this has been a really big adjustment for them and they are becoming such big boys. It's still hard because they are growing up so fast. On the first day of school my husband had to make me leave because I wanted to get one last look at my monkeys. It was a little tough but I made it through. ;-)

We have been dealing with a lot financially as well because we have had our benefits we receive for food assistance decrease since both of our children are in school. Apparently, since I am in school and we no longer have a child who is not in school, I am not longer an eligible household member because I do not work. From the information I have read, I have to work at least part-time while attending school, even though I'm a full time student. The whole government assistance program seems to set up people, especially women, for failure. I understand that it is important for women to move forward and be able to support their families but at the same time, by making it more difficult for people to successively attend and complete school, the government is creating a cycle of failure. I do not work while attending school because it would not only make it extremely difficult to get the grades I need to be accepted into medical school, but it would take away from the time I spend with my children and nothing comes before them. If absolutely necessary, I will work, but it will definitely create and added stress to my already stressful life. The next few weeks will be very interesting and may add another dimension to my multi-dimensional life.