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Friday, March 9, 2012

Time To Get My Study On!

School has been craziness! So I ended up with 19 credits because I added a 1 credit honors class that helps us begin to figure out the subject for our honors thesis project. In the honors college, you have to complete a thesis project to graduate with honors. It's kind of exciting because you get to develop an idea about something you find interesting or have a passion for and create whatever kind of project you feel is viable to convey your ideas and research. I have a great idea about what I want to do and it centers around nutrition education for school-age children but doing it in a way that engages their senses. My idea centers around bringing the experience of going to a farm to children and introducing them to fruits and vegetables they may never have been introduced before as well as creating an understanding why it is important to incorporate produce of different colors into their diets. I'm still in the planning stages but I think it may be very possible I just have to do some more background research and find a method of delivery that is viable to continue long term. It's kind of exciting, to me anyway.

Aside from my thesis, I also ended up withdrawing from my physics class last week. It was one of the hardest decision I've had to make in my college career because a withdraw stays on your school transcripts but I couldn't take the chance of not getting the grade I wanted in the class nor could I continue taking a class that I felt I was not learning from. I felt like the professor taught her class as though she was teaching a group of physic majors who had full understanding of what she was teaching when in reality the class is full of pre-med and kinesiology majors. It was very frustrating because I was really trying to understand what I was learning but she just didn't make it an atmosphere conducive to learning if you did not already understand the concepts. Physics is an entire section on the MCAT and it just didn't seem worth my time to continue taking a class that I just wasn't getting knowing full well I would have to re-teach myself all of the information I was supposed to be learning. I'm still taking the lab (and I have an A, which is ridiculous) but I will be taking the class over the summer all by itself. It has lifted a load off my shoulders because now I can focus more on organic chemistry and calculus. It is very possible I could get A's in both classes if I get my focus together and get my study on!

Life outside of school has been really great. My little people are really phenomenal and it's been really exciting to see them becoming more mature and growing. I'm trying to get my biggest little person to realize all that he is capable of doing. He's so smart and sometimes he just doesn't realize it. Maybe that's a good thing though. I am trying to get him into a different school because he just isn't getting challenged the way that he should be despite being in the "gifted program." We are on the waiting list at 2 different schools so we are playing the waiting game now. Everything for my wonderful husband has been falling into place. He has been coaching for the City of Phoenix at a local community center and he recently turned in the necessary paperwork so that he can be contracted to teach a Little Dribblers class and possible do some clinics. He will be coaching again for the city starting this coming week, but this time it will be 2 age groups. Our oldest is playing basketball this time so he will be coaching a 5-7 year old team as well as the 11-13 year old team he coached before. It's really great to see him so excited about what he is doing. On top of that he got a call back from the athletic director of a local high school who wants him to join the coaching staff of the boys basketball team.On my spring break, we'll be going to Phoenix College so that he can register for classes and pursue his degree as well. We'll have 2 students in the house. Lol! God is great and we couldn't be happier with where He is leading us right now.