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Monday, July 30, 2012

A Year of Change is Coming

So the fall semester starts in about 4 weeks and I don't know if I'm entirely ready. I have been in summer school the whole summer. I ended up with an A in physics (YAAAAAY!!!!) and I am currently taking a Bioethics class which is pretty interesting. Once that class ends I have a whole 10 days off before going back to class. I'll take it though. My little monkeys start school next week and my older little guy starts football practice this week. This is going to be a crazy semester between my class schedule, my research project, my littlest guy being in school for the first time and my bigger guy playing Pop Warner. That's not even to mention what may or may not be going on with my husband. He has a lot of things on the verge of happening but nothing is set in concrete yet so its just a wait and see. We tried to get him enrolled in school 3 times unsuccessfully so we figured that now is just not the time for him to start school. God has other plans for him and I cannot wait to see what they will be.

One thing that I did learn over the summer is that the blood clotting disorder I was told I had, I do not have. The hematologist I saw was awesome and she explained everything to me very clearly. The main thing I learned is that, as a physician, it is very important to explain things to your patients and not to keep them waiting or guessing; also, before jumping to conclusions, it is also very important to have a clear understanding of what is affecting your patient so that you can explain it to the patient in a compassionate way.

So this next year will be full of life changing events. I will be taking the rest of the classes I need to prepare for the MCAT this semester and I will take the MCAT in June of 2013. Medical school applications open in June as well so I will be completing those right after taking the test. It takes 6-8 weeks to get your results back for the MCAT and then interviews usually start around August or September at the schools if not earlier. Another dilemma I am going to have to make a decision about is which schools to apply for. I will definitely apply to the 2 osteopathic schools in state but beyond that I am not sure where else. My goal is to stay in state so I do not have to move my little guys yet but I may still have to think about that a little more. I am almost certain we will have to move for my residency and I am hoping to be able to allow that to be our one big move but I also realize that may not be our reality. The next year will definitely change our lives but all we can do is stay prayerful and follow the path that God shows us we are to follow.