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Monday, February 28, 2011

Orthopaedic Surgeon anyone?

So I got accepted to ASU, but not in the program I had originally wanted. I am OK with it though because it actually makes a little more sense and may make me better prepared for osteopathic school. I will be a Health Sciences major, be pre-med and I hope to get my minor in kinesiology. I am also debating whether I should enter the Honors College. As insignificant as it might sound (not to mention the extra year it will add) the minor in kinesiology is very important to me because I feel it will help me in my overall goal of working with athletes. It will help me become well versed with the movement of the human body so that I can better help the athletes I will work with.  I don't mind the extra year so much because it will allow me to have more time to prepare for the MCAT. I hope to take it no more than 2 times in order to get the score I need to be admitted to the osteopathic program I want. I also have found some more information regarding my eventual specialty and sub specialty as a physician. I think that sports orthopaedic surgery might be it. It sounds so scary because surgical specialties require so much residency and it will probably also require us to move to a different state, or at the very least a different city to complete my residency. It's scary and exciting at the same time. It's scary because I will be in my 40s by the time I am finished with my residency (about 45 to be exact) and we will have to uproot the whole family, BUT I will love what I am doing and my boys will be able to see me complete my dream. Of course I have to make sure that surgery is something that I can do physically and mentally, but the idea of it isn't as scary as I once thought it was.

So I have decided that my little people are absolutely phenomenal. The three year old just isn't liking the whole potty thing. Last week, I was taking his night pull-up off and while I was doing it, he decided to pee all over my hand. I had to take a moment and remind myself that he's only three and take a couple deep breaths before I cleaned him up. It was a difficult moment. Your instinct makes you want to be like "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!!" but then you have to remember their age and reassess the situation. I told him I wasn't happy with him and then we left for school. When we were almost to his school he told me,"I sorry I peed on your hand Mommy. I not do it again." How can you get mad at that? LOL! Then over the weekend he finally told me why he's so petrified of the potty. He thinks that he's gonna get flushed down the toilet when we flush his pee-pees. He said he thought it would break his head. I wanted to laugh but he was so serious and he would have been so upset. He's the cutest!

My wonderful 6 year old learned a new word, apprehensive. He likes it because he often tells me that stuff makes him nervous and that "his body gets nervous" in certain situations (i.e. having to talk to strangers or going at rides at the fair) so he likes that he has a new word to use other than nervous. I am constantly amazed on how smart he is. I know everyone thinks their child is the brightest, smartest kid, but he really is. LOL! No seriously, he's the youngest 1st grader in his class and he's reading at a 4th grade level and does pretty well in math. I am amazed at the complexity of some of the questions he asks me sometimes. I just think sometimes,"I made that and he's so freakin cool!" I know it sounds crazy, but I still am totally considering having another child. I would only do it if it felt right and we felt like God wanted that in our lives. We shall definitely see.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

He's the Bestest!!

I feel like this semester has already been so long but its only been 4 1/2 weeks. I'm so ready to graduate and move on to the Big Kid School (ASU lol!) I'm so excited to move on and change up my schedule a little. In my imagination I think that I will be able to get a part time campus job when I get to ASU, but the reality is that I probably will not be able to because I will have to spend a lot of time studying for my classes, the MCAT, and trying to do some volunteer work that will hopefully enable me to get a foot in the door at SOMA (School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona). That school is my ultimate goal because they have branched off from Kirksville Osteopathic School which is the OG, triple OG, OG school for osteopathic medicine. I look at their website at least once a month to look at what lies ahead. I sit and drool like a little kid.

So having my husband home has been really amazing. For me, it's also a time for him to see what it is that I do at home trying to juggle schoolwork, little people and all the other mommy and wife stuff. I'm really excited for him to start doing his skills training and coaching though. I know its what he really loves and really wants to do. I totally get his passion and love for the game and its nice because its something we still share. He told me the other night that I was totally a basketball wife because we can sit and talk basketball, new and old, and I don't sound like a dumb ass (he didn't say that but I know that's what he meant LOL!). I have the best husband ever! There are not too many people I can be around all the time without them really getting on my nerves (children included sometimes) but he has managed to be that person. I love just being in his presence. I love making him laugh and laughing with him. I love that he wants to be a great father (not good, GREAT!). I love everything about him (although I don't always get the whole video game thing)! He is truly the bestest person ever! To say just husband sets limits because we are so much more than just husband and wife. Ruv you bracka boy!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

If You Listen, HE Will Answer

So I got a 96 on my anatomy & physiology test (WOOOOO-HOOOOO!!!) and a 15.5/20 on my chemistry quiz. I'm a little irritated with myself for making stupid mistakes on my chemistry quiz. Oh well, at least it was just the quiz and not the test, which is next Monday. I learned my lesson, STOP PROCRASTINATING ABOUT STUDYING! It's hard to break a life long habit though. I'm getting there, I'm still a work in progress. I am very satisfied with how school is going this semester. I'm pretty sure that I can get all A's. I just applied to ASU and I am trying to get all my stuff together so I can get it done early and not have to be rushing at the last minute. I think that I am going to try and take BIO 202 in the summer assuming that we can get the money to pay for it and I can find daycare for the kids. It would be a weight lifted off my shoulders because I was kind of dreading taking it at ASU and it will be one less class I have to take. We will see though.

So my husband got a call yesterday and was told not to return to his job. He was a temporary employee and he was waiting to find out if they were going to hire him permanently. So he got his answer. It is both ironic and impactful that he got the call yesterday instead of Monday. On Monday I paid everything off and had he found out about his job situation then, I would have probably reconsidered paying everything off. God has a plan though and this is all just part of it. My husband so badly wants to work with kids developing basketball skills and eventually coaching. I think this is his opportunity to do what his passion leads him to and love what he's doing. It sounds crazy to be thankful for being fired from a job, but it can allow you to put things in perspective, explore your options and really do so some soul searching. It took me almost a year to figure out that I wanted to go back to school and another year to find my true calling of becoming a physician. I am not one to preach about God, but He truly does answer your prayers and shows you where you need to be if you are willing to truly listen to Him. God is good.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Pay that s*%# off!! Whew!

I just finished taking a test that I didn't totally feel prepared for, but when I sat down and went through it I realized I was ready. I think in my mind I always feel under-prepared but that's the overachiever in me. It was an anatomy & physiology test so I am really excited that I knew the material pretty well. In this class though, I feel like the lab is more difficult than the lecture portion. We have already gone through the bones of the skull, thoracic cavity and vertebrae, which we have to memorize and we'll be starting on the the pelvis and limbs tomorrow. We have to have this all memorized in 2 weeks when we take our lab practical. I've done pretty well so far, but when you look at it as a whole it seems so overwhelming. In the back of my mind I know I will do well but there's always that doubt. I really love it though. I am so freakin excited about the cadavers though. It used to be what freaked me out when I was younger but it's the most fascinating part to me now.

Part of the reason I didn't feel as prepared for the test as I could have is also because I didn't study as much this weekend as I would have liked to because I was really busy doing other stuff. I spent some time with my best friend since high school, went to a baby shower and watched a high school basketball game, and that was just Saturday. On Sunday, I had to throw down of course and I made green chile, rice and beans. My husband made ribs and chicken on the grill which was pretty phenomenal. I absolutely love food and I love cooking for the people I love. My oldest son told me that I am the best cook in the world the other day which was really cool (he also told me I was the best mommy in the world which was pretty amazing :-). I also realized that its a little difficult to study after a 1 or 2 or 8 beers. Lol! Probably not the best idea I ever had. It was a great weekend though and I still managed to do well on my A&P test and my chemistry quiz. It's a good start to a good week.

We get to pay off my car and my husband's truck that was totalled out in the hail storm a few months ago. We also get to pay off a few credit cards. It is the most amazing feeling. I am also going to be applying to ASU this week and to the honor society for community colleges which will hopefully help me get some scholarships for ASU. It means I get to wear the stuff you always see people wearing when they graduate but don't know what it means. LOL! I get pretty stuff to wear! Totally kidding, its so much more important than that. It will make my transcripts look spectacular and may help me get into the honors college at ASU, hopefully. I'm still wondering if that is totally worth it, the whole honors college thing. Its seems like it may be very helpful in getting me accepted into a osteopathic/medical school but I need to do some more research into that. I have been told that the workload would be too much but we shall see. Great week!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Everything Is So Exciting!! I Love Life!

So this semester is going to be a tough one but I am enjoying it a lot. My anatomy & physiology class alone is a whole lot of stuff to put in your brain. I figured out that I can practice by telling my husband and boys where there bones are and what they are called. It's so cool! I can't wait until we get to the cadavers. It used to be something that freaked me out, but not I want to the full experience and to see what we are learning about up close and personal. IT'S SO EXCITING!!! I'm a dork. My trigonometry class is a lot to take in for me. I feel like he's speaking a foreign language sometimes when we're in class. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the concepts. As long as I can get through this class (with an A no less) I will be cool and I will be done with math classes. Whew!

So I'm going to be applying to Arizona State Univ. soon so that's kind of exciting. It's bigger than the university I went to before so it's a little intimidating to me, but I'm really looking forward to it. It will make some of my days pretty long and it will truly be like I'm working a 40 hour a week job but I can't wait. Let's just pray that I get my financial aid together and I can scoop up some scholarships to cover everything. (Which I have procrastinated about the last few months because I should have already been on that. Hindsight is 20/20 though, right?) I feel like I'll be going to big kid school now. Lol!

Aside from that, life has been very enjoyable. My husband and I will be able to pay off my car and some of our credit cards with our tax return and my financial aid which is a huge weight lifted. It lessens the struggle and lets me focus on my school work more. It's pretty spectacular I have to say. We went to a Suns-Celtics game on Friday and sat in the 11th row behind the Celtics bench (We are big Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen fans!) and I about died. I felt like I was going to play the game I was so hyped up. They lost to the freakin Suns (who I would like on any other day) but it was so much fun. I won't even go into how much those tickets cost us, but it was our little splurge and it was totally worth it to spend that time with my husband. I also had the most fascinating experience at a gay bar on Saturday. Someone told my sister-in-law and I we made a cute couple (FYI: neither one of us is gay; I was at a party for the girlfriend of a friend of mine) which was flattering, I think, and we were totally mesmerized by the wonderful dancing gay men. I saw a guy that made me jealous in his tight little jeans. He had amazing legs and spectacular butt. There were all these line dances that it seemed like everyone knew but us. I don't even like country music but I kinda want to learn one of these dances! It was a whole lot of fun. I am paying for my weekend escapades though because it is Tuesday and I am still tired. Totally worth it though!!