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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Black Freakin Friday

I never got the whole Black Friday thing when I worked in retail. I would just watch all the crazy people wake up early, fight over stuff and pile their carts with s#$t they didn't really need. Its been a while since I worked in retail (like 5 years) and I am totally about to be one of the crazy people. I am going to Kmart on Thanksgiving day, because it totally opens at 6am, then we're staying up until midnight to go to Walmart, but really we have to be there at like 10pm and then we're gonna go to Target at 4am but probably have to be there at like 3am. We will be visiting Circle K for their SUPERCHARGED coffee, if you haven't had it before its like a caffeine IV. What craziness!

Really though, I'm excited that I get to spend time with my husband and we get to get stuff for our little people. For those of you who don't know, I call my kids my little people but their not little by any means, they're freaking huge! I bought my 6 year old pants a month ago that were supposed to be a little big so he could wear them for a while and before he had a chance to wear them he already barely fits them. I had to go return them. What the hell is that about!! My boys are gonna be monsters. He's gonna be taller than me before high school, I swear!

So we're strategizing (is that a word?) about who's gonna go where in the store first and I've been looking at my Black Friday ads since last month and they even have maps that tell you where stuff will be in the store, but those don't come out until Thursday. I feel as though I shouldn't know that. I see why people do it though, its like an espionage mission and you have to create the best plan for attack. Now I'm am not trying to fight anyone for anything, but let someone act crazy. LOL! Just kidding, I don't fight....unless they hit first. LMAO! I feel like the crazy Target lady in the commercials though. If you haven't seen them, Target has their own YouTube channel and she is freakin hilarious. I totally want to buy a red spandex outfit with some red heels to wear when we go shopping and start doing crunches on the big red balls in front of the store while I do bicep curls with the handbaskets. You will only get how funny that is if you have seen the commercials.

Now, back to the shopping plan. And maybe some homework. See? "Important" distractions.

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