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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1st Grade Homework

My 6-year old son gets to use scissors, glue sticks and crayons for his homework. Sometimes I wish I got to use that stuff. It's so fun sometimes. LOL! He whines and complains that his homework is so hard and I'm asking him to do so much, but then he does it and he understands what he learned from it and he's happy about it. I guess its not much different than what we do as adults in college. As much as I sometimes complain about how much homework I have and how stressed out I am and how much sleep I'm not getting, I really love the stuff I'm learning about. I see value in it and it makes me want to continue to learn. I wonder if my son feels that way as he's learning in school. I hope that he does and one of the reasons I want so badly to succeed is so that he can have someone in his life who loves what they do in life. That is my biggest wish for my boys, to find what they are passionate about and love, and do that for a lifetime. They're happiness is so important to me. I still wish I got to use crayons and glue sticks and scissors more often for my homework though. LMAO!!

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