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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

27 Hours a Day

I've been feeling freakin tired lately. So tired that I haven't been working out like I want to. A few months ago I had signed up to do a half marathon. I had to raise money and in return they would pay for the entry fee and the hotel room (it was in Vegas). They also had coaches that helped you train properly and group training sessions to give you support. I started a few weeks early because I wanted to see if my knee could take it (I have old basketball knees) and to see if I liked it. I absolutely loved it! I did it for the a couple of months, but then the fundraising became an issue because I simply didn't have the time. My schoolwork and my sanity were more important. I decided not to do the half marathon in Vegas but I am still considering doing one locally in January. I am trying to continue running 3-4 times a week but lately I have had so much school work and my husband and I only have one car so I am picking him up at 1 a.m. from work every night, that catching up on my sleep and keeping my grades up has been my priority. I still run once or twice a week but its just not enough. I was feeling so good when I was running. It was something I did for me and only me to make myself feel good and now I feel like I'm neglecting myself. We have one car right now because it is all we can afford since I am in school and not working so I absolutely feel responsible for picking up my husband. It's like I have to choose between being tired because I missed some sleep to go run or not feeling like a zombie because I caught up on some sleep but feeling like I'm not making myself a priority.

Isn't that the Mommy Dilemma? Trying to put yourself on your priority list but feeling like everything else and everyone else is more important. And then you feel guilty because you want to take some time for yourself. Logically I know that I need that time for myself, but sometimes, especially lately, everything else seems so much more important. If I only had 3 more hours a day, everything would be spectacular.


  1. This is good. I hope you will be able to find time for yourself. Can your husband take a bus, walk and/or ride a bike to and from work. I did and many others I want to believe still do&try. My prayers are with you

  2. Unfortunately buses do not run that late at night so that is not an option and it's pretty cold outside and the last thing we need is for him to get sick. It's hard sometimes, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make for him because he is so spectacular and he supports everything I want to do.

  3. yea started thinking and it's also dangerous for him.