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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Everything Is So Exciting!! I Love Life!

So this semester is going to be a tough one but I am enjoying it a lot. My anatomy & physiology class alone is a whole lot of stuff to put in your brain. I figured out that I can practice by telling my husband and boys where there bones are and what they are called. It's so cool! I can't wait until we get to the cadavers. It used to be something that freaked me out, but not I want to the full experience and to see what we are learning about up close and personal. IT'S SO EXCITING!!! I'm a dork. My trigonometry class is a lot to take in for me. I feel like he's speaking a foreign language sometimes when we're in class. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the concepts. As long as I can get through this class (with an A no less) I will be cool and I will be done with math classes. Whew!

So I'm going to be applying to Arizona State Univ. soon so that's kind of exciting. It's bigger than the university I went to before so it's a little intimidating to me, but I'm really looking forward to it. It will make some of my days pretty long and it will truly be like I'm working a 40 hour a week job but I can't wait. Let's just pray that I get my financial aid together and I can scoop up some scholarships to cover everything. (Which I have procrastinated about the last few months because I should have already been on that. Hindsight is 20/20 though, right?) I feel like I'll be going to big kid school now. Lol!

Aside from that, life has been very enjoyable. My husband and I will be able to pay off my car and some of our credit cards with our tax return and my financial aid which is a huge weight lifted. It lessens the struggle and lets me focus on my school work more. It's pretty spectacular I have to say. We went to a Suns-Celtics game on Friday and sat in the 11th row behind the Celtics bench (We are big Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen fans!) and I about died. I felt like I was going to play the game I was so hyped up. They lost to the freakin Suns (who I would like on any other day) but it was so much fun. I won't even go into how much those tickets cost us, but it was our little splurge and it was totally worth it to spend that time with my husband. I also had the most fascinating experience at a gay bar on Saturday. Someone told my sister-in-law and I we made a cute couple (FYI: neither one of us is gay; I was at a party for the girlfriend of a friend of mine) which was flattering, I think, and we were totally mesmerized by the wonderful dancing gay men. I saw a guy that made me jealous in his tight little jeans. He had amazing legs and spectacular butt. There were all these line dances that it seemed like everyone knew but us. I don't even like country music but I kinda want to learn one of these dances! It was a whole lot of fun. I am paying for my weekend escapades though because it is Tuesday and I am still tired. Totally worth it though!!

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