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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

He's the Bestest!!

I feel like this semester has already been so long but its only been 4 1/2 weeks. I'm so ready to graduate and move on to the Big Kid School (ASU lol!) I'm so excited to move on and change up my schedule a little. In my imagination I think that I will be able to get a part time campus job when I get to ASU, but the reality is that I probably will not be able to because I will have to spend a lot of time studying for my classes, the MCAT, and trying to do some volunteer work that will hopefully enable me to get a foot in the door at SOMA (School of Osteopathic Medicine in Arizona). That school is my ultimate goal because they have branched off from Kirksville Osteopathic School which is the OG, triple OG, OG school for osteopathic medicine. I look at their website at least once a month to look at what lies ahead. I sit and drool like a little kid.

So having my husband home has been really amazing. For me, it's also a time for him to see what it is that I do at home trying to juggle schoolwork, little people and all the other mommy and wife stuff. I'm really excited for him to start doing his skills training and coaching though. I know its what he really loves and really wants to do. I totally get his passion and love for the game and its nice because its something we still share. He told me the other night that I was totally a basketball wife because we can sit and talk basketball, new and old, and I don't sound like a dumb ass (he didn't say that but I know that's what he meant LOL!). I have the best husband ever! There are not too many people I can be around all the time without them really getting on my nerves (children included sometimes) but he has managed to be that person. I love just being in his presence. I love making him laugh and laughing with him. I love that he wants to be a great father (not good, GREAT!). I love everything about him (although I don't always get the whole video game thing)! He is truly the bestest person ever! To say just husband sets limits because we are so much more than just husband and wife. Ruv you bracka boy!

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