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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

If You Listen, HE Will Answer

So I got a 96 on my anatomy & physiology test (WOOOOO-HOOOOO!!!) and a 15.5/20 on my chemistry quiz. I'm a little irritated with myself for making stupid mistakes on my chemistry quiz. Oh well, at least it was just the quiz and not the test, which is next Monday. I learned my lesson, STOP PROCRASTINATING ABOUT STUDYING! It's hard to break a life long habit though. I'm getting there, I'm still a work in progress. I am very satisfied with how school is going this semester. I'm pretty sure that I can get all A's. I just applied to ASU and I am trying to get all my stuff together so I can get it done early and not have to be rushing at the last minute. I think that I am going to try and take BIO 202 in the summer assuming that we can get the money to pay for it and I can find daycare for the kids. It would be a weight lifted off my shoulders because I was kind of dreading taking it at ASU and it will be one less class I have to take. We will see though.

So my husband got a call yesterday and was told not to return to his job. He was a temporary employee and he was waiting to find out if they were going to hire him permanently. So he got his answer. It is both ironic and impactful that he got the call yesterday instead of Monday. On Monday I paid everything off and had he found out about his job situation then, I would have probably reconsidered paying everything off. God has a plan though and this is all just part of it. My husband so badly wants to work with kids developing basketball skills and eventually coaching. I think this is his opportunity to do what his passion leads him to and love what he's doing. It sounds crazy to be thankful for being fired from a job, but it can allow you to put things in perspective, explore your options and really do so some soul searching. It took me almost a year to figure out that I wanted to go back to school and another year to find my true calling of becoming a physician. I am not one to preach about God, but He truly does answer your prayers and shows you where you need to be if you are willing to truly listen to Him. God is good.

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  1. "GOD said you were to pay off."

    Always member a lot of times that first gut feeling is what we're to do.
    "If and Only If we are following HIS path."
    This financial help was about You!
    You being and becoming a doctor is HIS plan for you.
    Doing that not only helps so many others that GOD wants you to help.
    But also your family. YoungBlood is to be your support at this time as he said to you before.
    It is about You creating something that is so much more for You, Zion, Mathis, and YoungBlood.
    Sometimes the hardest thing for a Man to do is step back and let his other half of him "flourish."
    Society says that. But society is changing too.
    I believe that is what this about the job thing.
    Mija you always use to want to hear me. Please do again. I Love You so much always have and always will.
    I understand now you are my niece and I am just your uncle. But try to member I do see as Mom did and am glad I do. Love You!