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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

God Always Finds a Way to Provide for Us

I am so happy about school starting. I was kind of scared about this semester because I felt like it was going to be more difficult than my last 2 semesters, but I think I both overestimated the classes and underestimated my own capabilities. True, it has only been 2 days, but my instructors seem to be very straight forward as to what is expected and I feel like I won't have the problems I thought that I would. It's nice to have a more structured day though. As much as I like to be off with my little people and spend time with them, I like having something to do everyday and time to myself, even if it is in class. All 4 of my instructors seem to really know their stuff and I have found that even if the material is difficult, if the instructor really understands the content and has a very set way in which to present it, the class is enjoyable for me and I can learn. I never knew what it meant to love to learn until now. I enjoy everything that I learn everyday and I enjoy passing it on to those around me. It creates such confidence and an increasing hunger and thirst for knowledge. If this feeling could be bottled I would be a millionaire. I can only hope that one day my boys feel this way about their education. Nothing would make me happier than my boys being open to learning about everything around them and what they have a passion for in life.

Recently, my husband found out that he may not be kept at his current job because he was temporary and they don't like that he had a misdemeanor in his past. They are supposed to make a decision by next Monday but have also made it clear that they don't particularly care for him. I have been praying for God to provide us with what we need and for him to show my husband what path he should be on. Well, today we got my husband's W-2 from his previous employer and I also discovered that the W-2 for his current employer was available online so I was able to do our taxes tonight and we should be getting our return next Friday. On top of that, we are getting almost double what I thought we would be getting. God has provided for us when we have asked and I truly feel that it is because we are doing everything possible to stay on the path that we need to be on. I know though that He wants more for my husband but I just don't know what it is. My husband is one of the greatest men I have ever known and he has so much potential but I don't think he has felt in his heart what it is that God is calling him to do. I know that I have found that calling for myself and I want so badly for him to be in the same place, but I obviously can't do that for him. For those of you who pray, please pray for my husband to find his path and for the ability to see it when God shows it to him. He so deserves it.

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