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Monday, February 7, 2011

Pay that s*%# off!! Whew!

I just finished taking a test that I didn't totally feel prepared for, but when I sat down and went through it I realized I was ready. I think in my mind I always feel under-prepared but that's the overachiever in me. It was an anatomy & physiology test so I am really excited that I knew the material pretty well. In this class though, I feel like the lab is more difficult than the lecture portion. We have already gone through the bones of the skull, thoracic cavity and vertebrae, which we have to memorize and we'll be starting on the the pelvis and limbs tomorrow. We have to have this all memorized in 2 weeks when we take our lab practical. I've done pretty well so far, but when you look at it as a whole it seems so overwhelming. In the back of my mind I know I will do well but there's always that doubt. I really love it though. I am so freakin excited about the cadavers though. It used to be what freaked me out when I was younger but it's the most fascinating part to me now.

Part of the reason I didn't feel as prepared for the test as I could have is also because I didn't study as much this weekend as I would have liked to because I was really busy doing other stuff. I spent some time with my best friend since high school, went to a baby shower and watched a high school basketball game, and that was just Saturday. On Sunday, I had to throw down of course and I made green chile, rice and beans. My husband made ribs and chicken on the grill which was pretty phenomenal. I absolutely love food and I love cooking for the people I love. My oldest son told me that I am the best cook in the world the other day which was really cool (he also told me I was the best mommy in the world which was pretty amazing :-). I also realized that its a little difficult to study after a 1 or 2 or 8 beers. Lol! Probably not the best idea I ever had. It was a great weekend though and I still managed to do well on my A&P test and my chemistry quiz. It's a good start to a good week.

We get to pay off my car and my husband's truck that was totalled out in the hail storm a few months ago. We also get to pay off a few credit cards. It is the most amazing feeling. I am also going to be applying to ASU this week and to the honor society for community colleges which will hopefully help me get some scholarships for ASU. It means I get to wear the stuff you always see people wearing when they graduate but don't know what it means. LOL! I get pretty stuff to wear! Totally kidding, its so much more important than that. It will make my transcripts look spectacular and may help me get into the honors college at ASU, hopefully. I'm still wondering if that is totally worth it, the whole honors college thing. Its seems like it may be very helpful in getting me accepted into a osteopathic/medical school but I need to do some more research into that. I have been told that the workload would be too much but we shall see. Great week!

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