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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Oprah's Pretty Bomb Too. :-)

So this has been an interesting few weeks. I have been doing a lot of studying and doing relatively well in my classes, but at the same time I am having difficulty focusing on school like I have in the past. It is not for a lack of interest or a lack of challenge because my classes are very challenging and I like the subject matter of my classes most of the time (still can't wrap my head around certain parts of chemistry, try as I might) but I feel like my brain is either preoccupied with other things that I do not necessarily want to be preoccupied by or, well really I just don't know. When I buckle down and make myself study, I do just fine and no matter how tired I am I have the energy to do that without a problem. I feel at time like my brain and thoughts are foggy and scattered. It's frustrating. There are times when I feel like I am not understanding or getting something, only to discover I do understand it and I can even explain it to others successfully. Either way, I was able to get an A on my last nutrition test (WOOO-HOOO!!) and I am waiting for the scores on my biology and chemistry tests. My fingers are crossed and many prayers have been said.

So lately I have been considering the notion of starting my own home-based baking business making cookies. The idea is to allow them to fund my running hobby AND, most importantly, allow me to give back to people. I would like to be able to allocate a certain amount of money from each cookie sold to be donated to various charities and organizations that fund research for different diseases. A large majority of the races that happen throughout the year are to raise money for different causes (breast cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, etc.) and my hope is to be able to run at least 1 race per month and whatever money is raised for donations in the previous month I will be able to donate to that race while still making a small profit to be able to run and help my family out. I have looked into it extensively and it would be fairly easy to start and has very low start-up costs. The hardest thing would be to make the time to bake and network to get the word out. I have a lot of resources for getting the word out and I have even entertained the idea about using the cookies to help other people raise funds to donate to the cause of their choice whether it be for a run or not. It is in my heart to do this and I actually had the idea while I was running a couple of weeks ago. Over this weekend I am going to work on my business plan and make some cookies to give away to get some feedback on whether people are interested in buying them and to practice a little.

I was watching Oprah's Lifeclass this morning and I believe that God gives you signs all the time but they have to come at the right time and you have to be open to receive them and acknowledge them when you do. I have been feeling discouraged lately because our financial situation is once again becoming difficult, added to the fact that our boys' birthdays are both in the next month. Also, I am not sure how fast I can really begin this business venture I would like to start and how fast it would actually be able to benefit us. Added to that are some health concerns I have been having which I really think I'm overreacting about, but are there nonetheless. In one of the clips from her life class show she first said something as I was actually thinking it in my head. Like her voice and my voice in my head were talking at the same time. "Through God all things are possible." The second thing she said is, "Whatever you believe deeply, you will create." I almost started crying. For some reason Oprah speaks to me in a way that makes me believe even more deeply in what my beliefs are and makes me feel more confident about what I want to create. I am going to become a doctor because I believe I am here to enrich people's lives and make some type of mark in the world in a positive way. What I have been somewhat struggling with is that I do not feel as though practicing medicine is the only way I am supposed to do that but I was unsure about how else to do that. I have been feeling though that I needed to start my life's work now and not wait until I graduate from medical school. I am still soaking in all of these ideas, but I think I see where my path is heading. God is great. Oprah's pretty bomb too.

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