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Friday, October 28, 2011

Yes I said it, 18 credit hours!!

I've been kind of crazy lately. Last week I was Crazy Cookie Lady and I kind of wore myself out. I had 2 tests and a paper due this week and this was a tough week because I just didn't have anything left in me. So I've decided I definitely have to get better at balancing my life out and not wearing myself too thin. When I thought about my transfer to ASU I knew it would be different then when I was at Phoenix College, but I didn't take into consideration how much my schedule would change and how much I depended on my schedule to help me do well in my classes. I follow a couple of other blogs of women who are currently in medical school and are mothers and the overwhelming theme I have heard from them is that it is necessary to live on a schedule and follow it in order to get through school successfully. I have definitely learned my lesson this semester and my life will be scheduled from now on.

So next semester I am taking 18 hours. I know, I'm crazy but they are all classes I need and I'm living by 2 rules: 1) if I have to I can drop a class and 2) if I can't make it through a 18 credit semester, how am I going to make it through medical school? I am taking Organic Chemistry I, Physics I, Calculus for Health Sciences, Death and Dying in Different Cultures, and an honors class on how food creates community. The Death and Dying class is online and I think it will be very interesting and the honors class is once a week and we'll be going to different organic farms every week. I also am able to schedule time at school to study 3 days a week in between classes. I think its going to work. With the exception of Monday I will be done with my classes no later than 3:13 everyday. Monday is my Hell Day because I will be at school from 10:45am to 9pm at night but I will get both my recitations and my O. Chem lab out of the way. Only time will tell I guess. At least after next semester I can really start studying for the MCAT that I will be taking in another year and a half. Aaaaaaahh!

So these have felt like really tough times lately. My husband has not found a job and really if he found one it would make everything more complicated because we would have to do something with our youngest son and hope that he would get out of work before our oldest gets out of school. We get some money every month from apartments that my husband owns with his business partner, but it really just covers our phone bill, insurance and a couple tanks of gas. What makes it difficult right now is that its the beginning of the holiday season and both of our boys' birthdays are during this time of year. I would say that I am not really as stressed about our situation as I have been in the past, but I feel bad that I can't get for my kids what I would like to get. We are fortunate though that we have taught our children to be thankful for everything that they get, no matter the size. We are also fortunate to have family that is understanding of our situation and is more then willing to help us with the things the boys need. I know that we are on the path that God has set for us so I am still working on being patient and surrendering to Him.

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