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Friday, September 23, 2011

Our Lives Are Full of Possibilities

My first week of exams is over and I survived. I now know #1: I need to start studying NOW for my next tests, and #2: I will make it. I had tests in nutrition (241), biology (182) and chemistry (116 or 152). I got a B, an A and a B, respectively. I am not very happy about the B's but it at least means I can still get A's in those classes if I study more. I very much like my classes and instructors so I know can get to where I need to be. I aim for all A's which might seem a little crazy, but I hope to have the luxury of choosing where I want to go to medical school, instead of hoping I get chosen. To a certain extent anyway. All in all, I feel very good about school and I am really enjoying it.

The only thing that is kind of dragging me down right now is the tiredness I feel all the time. There are days when it is not so bad, but then there are days (like today) where I just feel exhausted after getting a full nights sleep. Its kind of frustrating because I feel like I am taking good care of myself by running 3 times a week, doing yoga and trying to make better choices about the food I eat. It makes the health issues I faced a couple of years ago come back to the forefront. I try not to think of the possibility of what some of the symptoms I have been having may mean, but sometimes it can be hard to not think about it. I suppose I should go back to the doctor and talk to him about some of these symptoms, but its so easy to find excuses not to go. Part of it may be that I do not want to know what they could mean. Considering what it is I want to do (be a physician), you would think that I would be running to go see the doctor, but I have seen that many health professionals do not take care of themselves very well and the reasoning behind that may be that they already know what the symptoms may mean and do not want to deal with it and add it to the already full plate that life has become. So why not start now right? LOL!

Outside of school, my family has been phenomenal. Despite the fact that my husband still does not have a job, it has been great to see him be able to spend more time with our little people and my appreciation for him as grown because he has been infinitely understanding of my needs and the needs of our boys. We are celebrating our 4 year anniversary this week and it has really made me reflect on where we were and where we are now. Although financially we struggle and, quite honestly, do not know where our next check is going to come from, God always finds a way to make sure we have what we need for us and for our little guys. That fact continues to reassure me that we are still on the path that He he asks of us. I feel as though this has been a build up that will culminate in my husband truly finding himself, finding his path and believing in himself enough to pursue it. I truly feel like the possibilities are endless.

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