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Thursday, April 7, 2011

God, I'm Still a Work in Progress....

So the last few weeks have been full of "stuff." I had a very nice spring break and I slept in every day and worked out most of the week. It was pretty great. I spent time with my little people and my spectacular husband. I have been kicking ass on my tests (100% on my last Anatomy & Physiology test WOO-HOO!) and school has been really great. In a month I will be graduating and then the plan is to take an online world religions class to finish my associates and hopefully, the 2nd A&P class so I don't have to worry about it at ASU. It's a boot camp class but my instructor is phenomenal. I can only take it if the financial aid I need comes through though so send prayers please! I'm also going through the process of applying for the honors college at ASU and writing the essays that are required as well as asking my instructors for letters of recommendation. It seems like a long process but I really feel like it will be worth it to prepare me for medical school. I figure that if I can't get through honors college and getting my bachelors, with a minor, I probably won't be able to make it in medical school. It seems crazy, I guess, but totally makes sense to my crazy head.

On the flip side, my husband is still without a job and, financially, life has been a struggle. It was hard to admit to myself that I may need to work while going to school because I had my heart set on being able to completely focus on school, but I'm beginning to feel that maybe it is what is required in the long run. It would be a lesson on how to juggle my family and school/work/residency/fellowships/etc. Again, if I can't do it now, I won't be able to do it then. I applied for a position at Phoenix Children's Hospital as a laboratory assistant and I'm kind of hoping that it's the one. It would be a good experience and they want nights and evenings. Only time will tell, but it feels right. Again, prayers please! Lol!

The stress had been getting to me for awhile and my health was beginning to suffer, but I'm really trying to let it go and get on with it. I think that we, especially women, underestimate what we can handle, but when we do it and still accomplish what it is we really want, we realize we always had the strength, we just didn't have the confidence we needed to quell the fears we had. I'm still underestimating myself a little, but I'm getting there. God, I'm still a work in progress, grant me the strength to have the confidence to know I can do everything I want to do and do it well.

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