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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

God, Help Me to Put It In Your Hands

So I'm pretty excited about registering for classes at ASU. I have to sit down with an advisor, hopefully next week but I am very anal and I had to look for the classes I want to take before I even go. It looks like I'll have a pretty good schedule and I will have most of Monday, Wednesday and Friday off with all of my classes on Tuesday and Thursday. I really can't wait. I still have so much to do though outside of school.

As content as I am in the educational and familial part of my life, the financial part of my life has been stressful. My husband is still without a job and I still feel like all the signs God shows me point to the fact that I should not be working. It's a conundrum. I pray to God to allow me to put it all in His hands and not worry about it, but my nature is to worry and want to fix it. I struggle with myself because my instinct is to go work and not take the summer school class that I really want to take but after I got the financial aid that I needed to take my A&P class plus my world religions class, PLUS some extra money, I knew that He was telling me that taking the class is the right thing to do. I struggle with it though. I feel like He has something really big in store for my husband but He wants to test our patience so that we are ready for it. Hopefully we get some good news this week and some of the applications he put in over the weekend and today are what we are waiting for.

On the bright side, my oldest son (6 year old) is being tested for the gifted program today. I'm really excited about it because I was in the gifted program and I loved it. I can remember being really bored in school before I was in it and after it I loved school. He has been having a hard time because he feels like he learns the same stuff everyday and it is stuff he already knows. I really want him to be excited about learning and reading so for me it will be really great if he can get in the program right when 2nd grade starts and really enjoy learning for the whole school year. He's such a phenomenal little boy. He amazes me with how smart he is and how fast he picks things up on his own. He's the coolest!! The little one (3 year old) is pretty cool too! Lol!

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