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Monday, December 3, 2012

Organic Chemistry Will be the Death of Me!

Wow! It's been over a month since my last post. So much to catch up on, soooooo....Organic chemistry is still kicking my ass and with less than 2 weeks left of school I have to dedicate the next 10 days to school. I may actually have to be ok with a C in OChem, which I will not really be ok with but I can deal with it. I'm pretty sure I can pull a B out of physics (Thank God!) and the rest of my classes will be A's (2 nutrition classes and my 2 research credits). There is a slight possibility that OChem could be a B but I would have to kill the final. I'm going to make that my goal but I'm holding no expectations that miracles will occur. I can admit that chemistry just doesn't make sense to my brain and I worked pretty damn hard for whatever grade I get. I still don't know how I got a B the first semester. I am actually more concerned with how a C will affect my GPA. Worrying never benefited anyone though right? Anywho, I still have a lot of work to complete the next 10 days because I have to cram 29.5 hours of work on my research project, I have to write a 1000 word research paper, I have to complete a group project for nutrition and I have a 4th test AND a final to complete for physics. On top of that, I refuse to not run so I will be fitting that in when I can. I have already made a schedule for this week and I actually think that I can stick to it, mostly. I.GOT.THIS!! I just keep telling myself that after this semester my life will be less stressful and I'll be beginning the adventure that will truly bring me to the next destination, OSTEOPATHIC SCHOOL!!! I'm not quite there though but it's coming really fast.

My schedule for next semester has been the one thing that has kept me going. It's pretty relaxed compared to the last 6 semester I've had since I only have 1 science class. Woo-hoo! I'm trying to do some volunteering at a local clinic and I am going to contact some physicians about shadowing for the semester as well. I think that would be really phenomenal. I also have a friend from high school who is a physician and I really want to pick her brain a little. Along with all of that, my husband is starting school also. I'm really excited for him and proud of him. He has had a whole bunch of opportunities set before him and the only thing left to do to put all the pieces in place is for him to get his degree. Even if we end up moving for my school, we're making sure that he can continue on his path. He really is a phenomenal man and this journey of mine would not be possible without him.

So my both of my little people are a year older now (5 & 8) and as much as I love seeing them grow, I miss when they were little and they could sit in my lap and I could hold them. My babies are getting too huge! No seriously, my 8 y.o. wears a size 12 in clothes, a 5.5 in shoes and weighs 75 lbs. My 5 y.o. is trying his hardest to catch up too. Despite that, it is really cool to have real conversations with both of them and learn about how and what they think about things. They have a winter concert next week so pictures may be in order.

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