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Thursday, May 19, 2011

'Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there....with a hot tub!'

So its been a minute. Finals had me totally occupied before them and left me exhausted after them. I graduated last Friday. YAY!! It was a really cool moment in life but Monday the grind started again. My BIO 202 (Anatomy & Physiology 2) is hardcore. I have already had 2 labs this week and I have probably 20 pages of notes just for this week. It's Monday-Thursday for 2 hours everyday and then Monday and Wednesday I have lab scheduled for 4 hours. I have my first test on Monday and my first lab practical next Wednesday. An exam EVERY week and a lab practical every other week. Whew! My instructor calls it boot camp. I love it though. It's pretty amazing how the body works (we're learning all the body systems in this course). We are starting with the cardiovascular system. I feel like it's all I think about because it requires daily studying, daily note typing and constant review. I suppose it is comparable to what I will be doing in medical school. They cram a whole lot of stuff in a small period of time and expect you to master it. It had never really occurred to me until this moment the comparison between the two. I had been thinking that perhaps I would not take summer courses the next few years but maybe it could be a great preparation for me. Hmmmmmm...

So my family got great news last week, we had put in a motion to vacate my husband's misdemeanor and it was granted. For those of you who are not familiar with the impact of that, my husband had a misdemeanor for assault on his record. He had never been in trouble with the law before then and has not been in trouble since then but he had a minimum of 6 companies tell him that they could not hire him because of that single offense. It has made finding a job very difficult for him and, unfortunately, left my husband feeling a little depressed and hopeless when looking for a job. It's been hard for me too because I want to be supportive and understanding of the situation but at the same time I was getting stressed because our sources for funds have been dwindling (all of the credit cards are maxed out) and with nothing coming in I was really considering working part time while trying to take classes and be a good mommy. I came to the realization that working right now is not part of the path God wants me on, but I was worried because I felt like it put a lot of pressure on my husband to provide for our family. The granting of the motion to vacate has put a little pep in my husband's step and he's just really excited now. His hopelessness has been replaced by hopefulness. God has always provided for us when we needed and asked. I think I just need to pray for patience because I just want to know what he has planned for us now!

So over the past weekend we participated in the Relay for Life. It's an overnight walk to raise money for cancer research and awareness. They have them at high schools, on the football field so that the participants can walk around the track and pitch tents on the football field. Technically you are supposed to have someone on the track from the time you get there (3pm on Saturday) to the time you end (5am on Sunday). We totally didn't do that because we had my 2 boys as well as my 2 nephews and niece with us (my mother in law and I) and they are all under the age of 11. It was quite an experience. We let the little people stay up as late as they wanted, we sugared them up with snacks and let them graze like cows with all the snacks we brought the whole time and run around everywhere. They had a lot of fun. I was slightly depressed because I originally wanted to run a few times throughout the time we were there and really challenge myself, but because of my stupid knee (which it looks like I will have to get an MRI on because its not getting better :-( ) I basically sat down the whole time except walking around a couple times with my little people and then speed walking to the bathroom because the 3-year-old decided to wait until the last minute to tell me he had to pee. Awesomeness! So around 3am, my littlest one had finally fallen asleep and the 6-year-old was in full battle with the sandman, and it had gotten quite cold. He was sitting on my lap and we had my Snuggie (they really are pretty awesome!) wrapped around us. He says, "Mommy, I wish there was a hot tub here to warm us up." I said, "Ok, that's good thinking." Then he says, "I wish I could just say, 'Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there....with a hot tub!'" LMFAO! Kids say the best stuff, at the best time.

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