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Monday, August 22, 2011

Big Kid School is Super Cool!

Yay! School started last week!! I have awesome professors and I think my schedule will work out well. I'm taking BIO 182, CHM 116 (2nd semester for majors), NTR 241, and HSC 300 (Complementary Healthcare). I feel really confident about all my classes except my chemistry. Part of it is because its more math than what I care for and partly because some of the words I see on my syllabus and in the book are like a foreign language to me. I'm liking the professor though and I think I will get through it. It is definitely a different atmosphere from community college. I have a couple 100 people classes and there are just so many people everywhere. I'm not even on the main campus but it seems like a lot to me. I really like it though.

The one thing that I found somewhat overwhelming is the amount I had to pay for books. I could have potentially paid $800 for books. HEART ATTACK! I decided to get a netbook and get 2 of my books as etexts so I still paid the $800, but I don't have 2 huge ass books (chemistry and biology) to lug around and I have something I can use for a few years for other etexts and to do work on while I'm at school. It made sense to do but I have found it hard to spend the money. I got a pretty good amount for financial aid since I got the loans as well, but it went really fast. I am a worrier by nature and I had these ideas of grandeur about paying bills ahead of time so we wouldn't have to worry about them since my husband is still without a job, but that is definitely not going to happen. My husband has had to talk me into feeling comfortable with it by telling me its for school and that is what the money is supposed to be for. It's tough for me. I am trying (not as hard as I should) to put it in God's hands but finances have been a big worry for me. I guess I just have to keep telling myself, "I put it in Your hands (God). I surrender to You." Pray that I have the strength to surrender.

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  1. That's great you feel confident about all of your classes. As for Chemistry, let your words do the work. Meaning there is life and death in the tongue. Speak life to your Chemistry class. You are doing great in Chemistry, you have an excellent grade in Chemistry, etc.

    God bless you and your family. Definitely turning your problems over to the Lord and letting it go is the best way to go.